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For incoming grad students: normally, about ~1 new grad student joins my group per year. In some years, that number is 2, in some 0.

Outlook for grad cohort arriving at U of T in Sep 2023: I currently do NOT plan on taking on another student that year because I had more students than usual joined my group in previous years. This may change depending on circumstances in Dec 2023/Jan 2024, but for your planning purposes this should be your starting assumption.


Gonzalo Alonso Álvarez Gonzalo Alonso Álvarez

Graduate Students

Jared Barron Jared Barron
Caleb Gemmell Caleb Gemmell
Linda Yuan Linda Yuan
Andrija Rasovic Andrija Rasovic
Keegan Humphrey Keegan Humphrey
Mikah Mellors

Undergraduate Students

Isabella Armstrong Isabella Armstrong
Berkin Gurbuz Berkin Gurbuz

Past Group Members


Rodolfo Capdevilla 2019 - 2022

Jack Setford: 2018 - 2021

PhD Students:

Shayne Gryba: 2018 - 2022

MA Students:

Imran Alkhatib 2019

Harrison Winch 2019


Jaipratap Grewal 2021

Aaron Howe 2020

Lillian Luo 2019 - 2021

Wentao Cui 2019 - 2022