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David Curtin
Assistant Professor
Canada Research Chair in Theoretical Particle Physics

High Energy Theory Group
Department of Physics
office: +1 416-978-4784


I am a high energy phenomenologist, interested in finding and analyzing theories of particle physics beyond the Standard Model. My current areas of active research include:

  • The Higgs Boson: new physics in exotic Higgs decays. I am a founding member of the Exotic Higgs Decays working group that is now part of HXSWG.
  • Long-lived particles: exotic new particles that may be produced at the LHC and other colliders and decay a macroscopic distance displaced from the production point. How to find them at the LHC and future colliders. I am a founding member of the MATHUSLA experimental collaboration to build a dedicated external detector for very long-lived neutral particles.
  • The Hierarchy Problem: testing solutions to the hierarchy problem at the LHC & future colliders; models of Neutral Naturalness.
  • Cosmology: Origin of the universe's matter-antimatter asymmetry via the mechanism of electroweak baryogenesis. Signatures of a strong electroweak phase transition. Finite-Temperature Quantum Field Theory. Cosmological signatures of hidden sector theories. Dark matter models beyond the WIMP paradigm and their implications for stellar astrophysics.
  • Collider Phenomenology: new physics in displaced decay modes; low-lying new electroweak states that could hide in SM background; the physics case for future colliders, like the 100 TeV pp proposals at CERN (FCC-hh) and China (SPPC), or electron-proton colliders like LHeC and FCC-eh.
  • Supersymmetric gauge theories: theories of dynamical SUSY breaking and metastability; dualities and nonperturbative results, in particular their use for model building.


2018 - ongoing: Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, University of Toronto.
2014 - 2017: Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Maryland.
2011 - 2014: Postdoctoral Research Associate, Stony Brook University.
2006 - 2011: PhD, Cornell University. Thesis Advisor: Csaba Csaki.
2005: Bachelor of Science (Honors), University of Melbourne. Thesis Advisor: Raymond Volkas.
2002 - 2004: Bachelor of Science, University of Sydney.

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